Friday, December 5, 2014

Welcome back Cowboy!

Our Elf on the Shelf, Cowboy, made his way back to the trailerhood on Monday.
We're so excited to have him back!
Monday morning, he was sitting on the tree with a note waiting to say hi to the kids.
Um yeh, totally stole this little poem off Pinterest!
Monday evening when we were at dinner, T said, "I wonder what Cowboy eats for dinner?"
Well, we all know that an elf's favorite meal is spaghetti with maple syrup and candy, right?!
{And we had just watched Elf a few days before, so this made perfect sense to T.}
T was totally grossed out by this.
GW tried to eat it.
And he would have liked it!
Another Pinterest find, Cowboy posing as Elsa.
This was of course a big hit with T.
My kids, as I think most are, are infatuated with Band-Aids -- it appears Cowboy is too.
When T found him this morning, she said "I think Doc McStuffins has been here."

And then this morning our sleepy elf was snoozing in his bed he made in the Kleenex box.
He also brought the kiddos new Christmas pajamas with a note:
"New PJs for your sleepover at Gaga and Papa's!  Be good!"

I obviously enjoy the Elf on the Shelf tradition and the kiddos look forward to finding what mischief he's up to every morning!

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Ellen said...

So much fun! I wish he would have been around when my kids were little.