Monday, December 22, 2014

More Weekend Fun!

Cousin Ben was visiting from Washington, so all of the cousins {except for Ty} were together!  This called for fun at Fargos!
So for those of you wondering...L to R back row: Sydney (Jase's), Lindsay (Jase's), Charlie (John's), Ben (John's) and Chase (Jase's) and then you know the two rugrats in the front.
After Fargo's we had to finish up some Christmas shopping.
The boys were taking a nap in the Yukon, so the girls recharged at Starbucks before finishing up at Target.  I love my little shopping buddy!
So this next picture...absolutely melts my heart!
100% not staged.  100% sweet.
They were terrorizing each other 30 seconds later of course...

So there you have it, just a few more random pics from our weekend that I wanted to share!



Melodee said...

awe, how cute is that pic on the couch? love it!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! :) Merry Christmas friend! xo