Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fun with Friends

This weekend our dear friends Jocelyn and Kaleb came to visit (it's harvest so Shaun had to stay home and work).

Kaleb is just a few weeks younger then the Little Lady and they had a blast playing together!!!

Saturday afternoon we went down to visit my Grandparents. The kids had a big time playing on the playground equipment...they especially liked the merry-go-round.

T and Great Grandma were giving Whopper and Tom treats while Justin and my Grandpa hitched them up to take us for a ride.

Once the Little Lady discovered where the alfalfa cubes were, she was all about getting treats for the horses.

At one point, she grabbed a cube out of the bag, examined it and then proceeded to take a bite. I'm pretty sure she was wondering why Whopper and Tom liked them so much!

Grandpa took us for a nice ride around the ranch in the surrey wagon.

The kid that needed to take a nap (T) stayed busy the whole ride, while Kaleb took advantage of it and drifted off to dreamland for awhile!

Saturday was a beautiful fall day and we enjoyed lots of play time outside.

And just in case you were wondering...she's getting fast...

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Anonymous said...

Maybe that is why Grandma is so tired every night! She is FAST! It's a good tired! Love the look on her face!