Monday, October 24, 2011

Ranch Wives Cooking Club - Cheater Chili

This is probably going to go down as the lamest Ranch Wives Cooking Club recipe ever, because my chili is “cheater chili” by all definitions: seasoning packet, canned beans, short simmering time. But when you’re looking for a good quick meal on a cold day, it might just fit the bill!

Four ingredients, seriously, that's it.

This little packet here is the secret to my chili’s success.

I’ve tried other packets, I’ve even tried seasoning it from scratch, but John Wayne always asks what I did different…and not in a good way. So Chili-O it is.

Brown up a pound of ground beef. Sprinkle on the Chili-O and mix into the meat. Add a can of pinto beans {and sometimes a can of kidney beans too, we like our beans around here!}. Mix in a can of diced tomatoes {which in our house have been through the food processor, we don’t like our tomatoes chunky around here!}. Stir it, bring it to a boil, let it simmer for a few and there you go…good chili, quick!

Chili, slices off a good chunk of cheddar cheese and cornbread make their appearance quite often on the dinner table at the Trailerhood during the cold months. With our Colorado weather forecast, I thought now was the perfect time to share this recipe with you all.

What's your secret to the perfect pot of chili? Beans or no beans? Seasoning packet or from scratch? I'd love to hear some of your chili recipes!

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Anne Duncan said...

adding it to my binder...

Jean Rasner Meinzer said...

I've done that quite a few times, too, Emily. I usually have my home canned pinto beans, but the recipe's the same. Sometimes I use brick chili, which also adds a great flavor. A little ham thrown in if it's off a bone-in also adds some flavor. And, it sounds yucky to most, but my guys add ketchup to their chili--I don't know what the chili does, but it adds a good flavor.

Brenda Hammer said...

Hmmm....this sounds alot like the chili I make! :) Sounded so good I made some for the guys to eat today after they moved cattle home.

Ellen said...

My "quick" chili recipe is very similar, but I add in a can of chopped green chilis. I'll have to try the Chili O.