Friday, October 7, 2011

Operation Take Back the Trailerhood

The trailerhood is taking over my life. Okay, maybe not the trailerhood, but the huge mess and disorganization inside of it, is. I’m a very {VERY} organized person and when my house gets dirty and cluttered, I do not function well. At all. In any aspect of my life.

This week at work, I’ve re-written my to-do list approximately 22 times. Like by writing it down over and over again, the little magical Wild Horse Merry Maids {ew, do you think there is such a thing?!?} will make their way to the trailerhood and take care of things.

{Yes, right about now I realize that you’re thinking to yourself about how I have OCD. I’m sure that I probably have OCD and probably need medicine, but I choose to ignore it and not obsess over that fact!}

The hectic summer brought a cluttered house. Sure I managed to keep it looking okay to the outsider, but every morning when I go to get dressed, a shoebox comes tumbling from above and hits me on the head, while a scarf is snaking its way around my ankles.

I’m not exactly sure what we have to eat in the pantry because it’s been covered up by bags of animal crackers, goldfish and juice packs to grab for the Little Lady as we race out the door, down the road to…somewhere important I’m sure.

Did you know that the Little Lady grew this summer? On the one cool night that we have had so far this fall, she was stuffed into her biggest, too small, pair of warm pajamas that she had. So on her changing table sits a laundry basket full of clothes to be packed away.

And I don’t know how my windows managed to get so dirty during a drought?

These are just a few of the reasons why I am declaring this weekend “Operation Take Back the Trailerhood.” I have 48 hours to restore order to my home and in return, my life and sanity.


{Yeh, there are no pictures with this post for obvious reasons!}


Lori Hollis said...

This is too funny! My house was like this after the summer and all of our boating trips. I finally hunkered down and did some major cleaning. Good luck!!

Anne Duncan said...

I'd love to see your version of "clutter" friend :)