Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloweekend - Pumpkin Carving

This evening, we had my parents over for snacks and to watch Tressie carve her pumpkin.

Hmmmm...this looks nothing like the inside of my pumpkin. I prefer the candy that my pumpkin has inside of it!

The Little Lady was ridiculously afraid of the pumpkin guts!

She was terrified that they were going to "get her."

She even felt the need to hide behind the table leg!

Getting a little braver.
Going in with her scooper.

But don't let her fool you.
It's all for show, she freaked out if any of the guts touched her!

Examining her Daddy's handiwork.

Tressie's "Bat Cat" Jack O' Lantern.

Her great fear of the pumpkin guts made for a very entertaining evening! {I can't say that I blame the girl...I'm pretty sure that my Mom scooped out and carved my pumpkins every single year growing up...that stuff is gross!!! :) }

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Ellen said...

I think Tressie is a very smart girl for not liking the pumpkin guts. They gross me out too.