Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning, right after we did Santa presents at the trailerhood, we went to my Mom and Dad's house for stockings, more gifts and breakfast.

Whenever the person taking the picture would wave at the Little Lady trying to get her to look at the camera, she'd always give them a little wave back. Cute, I know.

Between her stocking stuffers, presents from Mama and Daddy, and presents from Grandpa and Grandma, I think the Little Lady had more presents then she knew what to do with, but she did love opening them!

John Wayne might not tell you this, but he likes opening presents too!

"Ohhhhhh!" I think we got this with every present that she opened, but I do think she especially liked her little Broncos dress!

Our main man Tebow may have had a rough game on Saturday, but we loved him before the whole world did and we'll love him long after they're over him.

One of John Wayne's favorite gifts, a boot jack with his brand on it, made by my Dad.

Grandpa and Grandma gave the Little Lady a princess tent. She likes to get in it and hide from us!

The Little Lady has a complete infatuation with our laptop, so we decided to get her one for Christmas. Her "leaptop" is pretty fun!

So there you have it, Christmas morning, but wait...I still need to tell you about Christmas lunch at the Hammer's and Christmas dinner at the Chisman's...and Christmas Eve...and the day before Christmas Eve. Yeh, we have a lot of family and yeh, we celebrate a lot!

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Anonymous said...

Those are really good family pictures! Can't believe you have such a smiley little girl. She's precious!