Monday, December 19, 2011

We're those people...

...who seem to take pleasure in watching terror overcome our child when a jolly fat man in a red suit is involved.

This weekend when we were in La Junta finishing up our shopping, the first thing we see when we enter Big R...Santa. Yeh, so we may have already had one visit this year, but Daddy missed that one, so Mama voted for another one. {The Little Lady would like you to know that we obviously did not ask her opinion on the matter.}

You've gotta love Santa at Big R, with the snow shovels, batteries, tool boxes and all, behind him.

But the Little Lady did get a treat bag with a candy cane and little toy lamb in it. That helped matters a little bit.

Okay, I promise that's all of the Santa visits for this year.
I hope you all are being good little boys and girls!

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