Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Little Lady Landed on the Nice List!

'Twas the night before Christmas...and well at the trailerhood, we were reading PW's Charlie the Ranch Dog book that the Little Lady just got for Christmas.

At our house on Christmas Eve, the Little Lady gets to open three presents...new pajamas, an ornament for her collection and a new book.

The Little Lady was really into the whole cookies for Santa ritual this year...well, eating them atleast!

We're not at the age yet that we get woke up by an excited kid jumping in our bed at 5 o'clock...instead we waited until 8 o'clock to wake our sleepy head up and in her book, this was still way too early.

Through sleepy eyes, she did manage to see that Santa did not eat all of his cookies, nor did the reindeer their food. A pre-present treat!

Santa did make it to the trailerhood this year and the Little Lady did land on the nice list!

She loves her basketball hoop that the big man left for her!

She also got a Nerf gun {I mean come on, what almost-2-year-old doesn't need a Nerf gun?!?} and some big coloring pages and finger paints.

Hmmmm...who likes the Nerf gun more?!?

It was a great Christmas morning at our house!

More soon from all of our Christmas travels...


Penny Pfeiff said...

I love it Emily...Firecracker also got a basketball goal and nerf gun... :) what a cutey! Looks like a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! lyp

Brenda Hammer said...

Hey Penney, let's hope the grand girls don't turn on us Grandma's with the Nerf guns!! Tressie, love your bed head hair! At least you are getting hair!! So nice of Santa to leave you some cookies crumbs!