Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Birthday

On Wednesday I had a birthday.
I turned 30.

Here's a look at my birthday via phone pics.

I woke up to my awesome present from John Wayne and the Little boots.
I've had my eye on these beauties for quite some time!


Quite awhile back John Wayne asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday.  Several of my girlfriends had just turned 30 and their hubbies threw them surprise parties.  A party, let alone a surprise party, was honestly the last thing on earth that I wanted.  I told him that all I wanted was to not go to work that day.

There's a small water park in Denver that I've been wanting to take the Little Lady to.  I figured the middle of the week was a perfect day to go, so John Wayne took the day off too and off to Denver we went.  {John Wayne still doesn't think it's fair that for MY birthday, the Little Lady got a fun day, but we had a great day and I wouldn't have had it any other way!}

We started the day with Starbucks and donuts.


It was the first time I had just turned the Little Lady loose with a donut.
She licked all the frosting and sprinkles off, but then she did actually eat about half of the donut too.


We went to Pirates Cove in the big city.  When we first arrived, the Little Lady took one look around, crossed her arms and sat down on a lounge chair and said "NO!"  Great I thought, we just drove two hours and planned our entire day around this and our little water bug wants nothing to do with it.  It didn't take her long at all to warm up to it though.  See that little yellow slide below...I think she went down it approximately 54 times : )


The next picture is a rare one...a swimming suit picture and a bump picture : )  I'm telling you though, a public swimming pool is always a great self esteem booster...sure there's always the hot mama that looks way better than you, but there's always the handful of mamas who just don't care and apparently didn't look in the mirror before they left home!


The lazy river was the Little Lady's close second favorite after the slide!


A rare break in the action.


They also had a little "beach" area for the little ones to play in the sand.


The Little Lady had a BIG time at the water park and John Wayne and I enjoyed ourselves too.  We of course had a great time watching the Little Lady have so much fun, but I'm not gonna lie, this pregnant mama could have floated on the lazy river all day!

Of course the Little Lady fell asleep on the 10 minute drive to Chick Fil A for lunch, but we were starving and knew that she had to be too, so we woke her up.  Expecting a bear, the little power nap must have been just what she needed, because she gobbled her lunch up and was in a great mood.


After lunch, I got to treat my tired, swollen, sunburned feet to a pedicure while John Wayne and the Little Lady went and drove race car shopping carts around Lowe's.
We were all happy : )


We ended our day in the big city at a frozen yogurt bar.  It was so yummy!  I had the Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel yogurt with some crushed Butterfingers and caramel and hot fudge, it was great. 


The Little Lady had Birthday Cake yogurt with every sweet candy topping on the bar.  She was in heaven : )


When we got home from the big city, we had cake and ice cream with my Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle and Cousin.  And we also had to give our puppy Lacy some extra was her birthday too!  It really was the perfect day!

That night I was thanking all of my Facebook friends for the birthday wishes.  I told everyone about my great day and made the mistake of saying..."And oh yeh, by the way...30...bring it."  Well, I went to bed feeling great, but woke up sick in the middle of the night and was sick for the next two days.  Apparently, 30 brought it and 30 won...this time : ) 


Kelly said...

What a fun birthday (minus the getting sick part). Happy Belated! Love the boots too :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy "late" Birthday, I turned 30 last year and had a surprise party thrown by my sister. I was fun.
Looks like it was a great day! Love the boots!

I promise I will post about your receipe soon...We loved it too!

Savanah said...

those boots are gorgeous!!!!! Happy late birthday!!

Anne Duncan said...

um, back to the boots. killah.

Elizabeth Martin said...

aWWW what a beautiful pair of boots!!! I've been lusting after a pair pretty similar!!! happy late birthday!