Monday, July 23, 2012

The Little Lady’s Latest and Greatest

The Little Lady’s ultimate show of affection is a hug, followed by a kiss, then a high five and finished off with a fist bump.
The other night, John Wayne and I both got home late. We were just hanging out as a family and John Wayne asked the Little Lady if she had said hi to her little bro.
She proceeded to lift up my shirt, and you guessed it, hug my belly, kiss my belly, slap my belly and slug my belly.
Oh…the love!


She is obsessed {to an annoying degree} with watching Cars, Toy Story and Monsters.
Her current favorite is Toy Story.
Grandma found and ordered her this Jessie nightgown {and we can’t forget the “awesome” headband that came with it}.
She put it on the night it came and the next morning at around 11:00, Grandma emailed me and told me that T was refusing to put regular clothes on, she just wanted to wear her nightgown and boots!
What can I say, the girl’s got a style all her own!

And finally, the Little Lady was the unfortunate victim of her first bad road rash incident this weekend.
This picture doesn’t quite do justice to how bad it really is.
Poor baby’s eye and lip were really swollen and she has bad scrapes all down one side of her face.
She did cry pretty good {I would have questioned if she hadn’t}, but our little tuffy handled it pretty well.
Now, she just has to endure everyone asking her what happened!

That's what's currently going on in the Little Lady's world!


Rachel said...

Love her nighty!

Bummer, poor gal! Looks pretty bad in the picture. Hope she gets well soon!

Kelly said...

Poor girl :/ hope it heals fast!! C is obsessed, I mean OBSESSED with Cars 2 movie. He knows all the characters and asks to watch it all the time. It amazes me how quickly he became attached!

Penny Pfeiff said...

Izzy does all of those too. Well some people get one thing some the other...she too has her own unique style...but one of her favorite movies is Little Rascals...OH TAY!! She is getting so big and so cute...going to have to get those two together...well or is Limon really ready for that!