Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Burning Question...

"How did Tressie do on your trip?"

I know that some people thought we were crazy for taking an 18-month-old to Disney World. (Yes, John Wayne was even one of those people for a while.)

The Little Lady did great!

Luckily we saw way more of this face than of the one above!

Seriously, we had a great time and she really took it all in and enjoyed it. Of course we had some meltdowns, and towards the middle of the trip, we had one solid rough day (the result of a bad night's sleep), but the meltdowns were far fewer than I had anticipated and prepared myself for.

She LOVED the characters! She also loved all of the shows filled with singing, dancing and colorful costumes. She didn’t dislike the rides, but probably enjoyed the shows more. Out of all the rides, she liked the carousel the best. (Yes. Yes, I know. I could have taken her to Burlington or the nearest county fair for that one.)

At times she made meal time a little challenging. We had the dining plan as part of our package, so we were eating really well. Well, adults like and enjoy a nice relaxing three course meal, toddlers do not, but we always managed without too much trouble. At the end of our meal at Coral Reef, a nice restaurant inside the aquarium at EPCOT, the waitress made the Little Lady’s day by bringing her her own “build a sundae” complete with M&M’S, chocolate sauce and sprinkles in little bowls to top her own ice cream with. I failed to get any pictures, but let me tell you, she thought she was big stuff!

The plane rides went just fine. On the way there, she was wide awake when we got on the plane. About half way through the four hour flight, we had a small meltdown as she was fighting sleep, but nothing too dramatic or long. On the flight home, she was a champ! She was of course tired and worn out from vacation, so she slept probably for two-thirds of the flight and watched her Toy Story 3 DVD for the rest of the flight. We even got complements on how well behaved she was on that flight.

I took a lot of pictures, so you’ll probably get sick of seeing them on the blogs for the next few weeks, but first I just wanted to answer that one burning question. So even though the Little Lady is too little to remember this trip (that’s what pictures are for and we’ll go back), I have the satisfaction of knowing that she did enjoy herself while she was there and I know that I sure enjoyed watching her have fun and take it all in!

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