Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Little Princess

The Little Lady had two opportunities to spend time with the princesses. On the first morning, right after she met Mickey and Minnie, we went next door to meet Cinderella, Belle and Aurora.

She was a little unsure of Cinderella at first, but quickly warmed up.

Belle was for sure her favorite princess. Tressie ran right up to her with open arms! It's funny how much more she liked Belle. Belle did call her by name (her name was embroidered on her dress) so maybe that had something to do with it? Or maybe it's just Belle's fabulous yellow dress?!?

Here she is meeting Aurora, or more commonly known to some as Sleeping Beauty.

Tressie also got to have dinner with the princesses one night. Belle was the hostess, here she is greeting the Little Lady.

Tressie liked Aurora more this time around.

I think she's commenting on her crown and how she wants one!

I just had to include this picture. It must be what they teach the princesses at princess school to do to get the little ones to look at the camera. We have a picture of Cinderella doing the exact same thing.

You can't see Tressie's shoes in this particular picture, but she has very sparkley silver shoes on. Cinderella is commenting on her sparkley "slippers."

I think Tressie blew each one of the princesses a kiss. They of course loved that!

Here Snow White and Tressie are talking hair bows.

I'm kinda getting the "man, your smile is cheesy" vibe from Tressie here...

And with Ariel, the Little Mermaid...where's my bop, I'm officially over it!

Maybe our Little Lady makes a better Viking than a princess?!?

{Our dinner was in Norway in Epcot and when I went to round up Tressie and her Dad and Grandpa for dinner, that's what I found.}

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