Monday, September 5, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

The Little Lady is getting ready for her first big airplane ride...well actually her Mama's getting her ready...I'm pretty sure the Little Lady has no idea she's going to go on an airplane.

I am not so naive as to think this airplane ride is going to be simple or enjoyable...she's a busy toddler, but I've atleast attempted to arm her Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and myself with some fun things to help keep her entertained.

Princess backpack from Grandma and Grandpa

The Little Lady loves to watch TV (go ahead and judge now if you want...), so a portable DVD player with a couple of her favorite movies, Toy Story 3 and Micky Mouse Clubhouse, was a must. She also has an iPod shuffle filled with children's songs. {The only reason my child has an iPod is because I won it at a conference and her Dad and I both already have one.}

Tonight when we were testing the DVD player out, her jaw literally dropped, she got SO excited when she saw the little DVD, fingers crossed!

Her little backpack came with this cute little purse. This should make her very happy, she's totally into purses. When I went on a business trip last month, I brought her home a stuffed animal and I had also bought myself a new wallet/purse. I was showing the wallet to my Mom after I had given Tressie her teddy bear, she wanted NOTHING to do with the teddy bear, but EVERYTHING to do with the wallet, toting it around slug over her shoulder. And what vacation purse would be complete without a cell phone and camera?!?

Little Cinderella Doll

Snacks...a huge variety of snacks. These are just a few, we have a whole other bag just with snacks in it!

A princess flashlight! After buying it I realize maybe not the best thing for an airplane {are they even allowed in carry-on?!? I guess I better check...} but she'll have fun with it at the hotel anyways.

A couple of books out of the Target dollar bin

And probably THE MOST IMPORTANT THING...her bop!

{Yes, we will start weaning her from it when we get home from vacation.}

So there you have it, atleast our attempt at entertaining her!

And I know Grandma has a bunch more goodies in her carry-on bag too...

Wish us luck!


Robben said...

My one piece of advice is saving the DVD player for very last. 4 hours is a long trip even for a well traveled child. Make sure you have some toys that she hasn't ever seen and most importantly stay calm. They are sponges when it comes to emotions of their parents!

Penny Pfeiff said...

Will be thinking of you! Hope you have a great trip! Izzy loves a purse too...well if she remembers it! lyp

Emily Golding said...

Thanks Penny! I've seen Izzy with her cute little purse at Ruby's before : )

Anonymous said...

Heard she travelled great and all of you had a blast! Hurry up and post the pics!!! :)