Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kit Carson Day

Saturday, Labor Day Weekend = Kit Carson Day
Our annual Labor Day Weekend tradition is to spend Saturday at Kit Carson Day, our town's annual celebration including a rodeo, BBQ and parade.

The Hammer Ranch team and wagon always make an appearence in the parade. This year was extra exciting because my Grandpa just bought a new team of Haflingers (best described as a mini draft horse).

Here's the Little Lady and her Daddy getting to know the horses. Tressie's petting Tom and in the pictures below, Whopper is nibbling on Tressie's sweater : )

The Little Lady had an entry in the parade. Her Daddy and I decorated her little red wagon as a wagon with wings for the "Kit Carson Day 2011, our Prairie Heaven" theme. (Cheesey, I know!)

The Little Lady ditched the other wagons and bicycles in her category and hooked on with the big boys. (She was a hit!)

The Hammer Ranch got 3rd place in the parade. {We're still trying to figure out who beat us?!? Because of course, we think we should have gotten first! : )}

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