Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Safari Time

Animal Kingdom used to be my least favorite Disney World Park, but I really enjoyed it this year. Maybe I enjoyed it more because Tressie really seemed to enjoy it.

Upon entering the park we met Lilo and Stitch.

As with the other characters, she loved them. Hugs all around!

Then it was safari time!

We got to see a lot of animals really close up.
{Don't miss the cute little baby elephant!}

The Little Lady really enjoyed the safari. She was able to get her eye on most of the animals; we heard lots of "oh" and "ah" with finger pointing.

One of the other highlights of Animal Kingdom for the Little Lady was Dinoland, complete with a huge "boneyard" playground.

And what trip to Dinoland would be complete without a ride on a flying dinosaur?!?
{Love my Mom and I's expression and wave!}

We had a great day in Animal Kingdom!


Ellen said...

In all our trips to Disney World we've never gone to the Animal Kingdom. Tressie is so cute with all the characters!

Anne Duncan said...

Did you tell Tressie you know the real life Lilo & Stitch :)

Love it!

Emily Golding said...

Ellen - You'll have to try AK next time you go to DW.

Anne - Haha, I know, whenever I see Lilo and Stitch that's always what I think of : )