Friday, April 19, 2013

Doctors, Dentists and Treats

Wednesday, we headed to the big city for a fun-filled {sarcasm font} day of appointments.
Although, the day went remarkably well considering all that we had to do and the fact that our latest spring blizzard was moving in.
We started at the dentist.
John Wayne and I both had appointments.
The Little Lady came in with me and set on my lap during my appointment so she could get introduced to the whole dentist scene.
She did remarkably well.
This could be due to the fact that there are TVs attached to the chairs and she watched cartoons the whole time.
After I was done, we had to go get a treat while Daddy finished up at the dentist.

Then we ran a few errands and grabbed lunch.

I love this pic of the Little Lady.

Then it was onto the doctor for the Little Buckaroo's 6-month check-up and T's 3-year.
The Little Lady hid behind me the whole time and cried "hide me, Mama...hide me from the guy."
Doctor Hoover pinned her {correctly} as a drama queen right off and handled her well, by ignoring her and giving her little brother all of the attention.
Eventually, she came out from hiding.

She weighed in at 34 pounds 12 ounces and measured at 36 inches.

GW weighed in at 17 pounds 6 ounces and according to his paperwork he is also 36 inches.  LOL!  I think the nurse got a little confused, I'm pretty sure he was 26 inches?!?

Their check-ups went great.  We're so thankful to have two healthy kiddos.

Then it was to Sonic for her "blue pop" {blue coconut slush} treat for being good and homeward bound.

We got home about a half hour before the snow started to fly!


Marla said...

That is a FULL day of appointments! I really, really need to take my girls to the dentist. I'm a bad mom!!! ;/

Rachel said...

Wow-y! Glad it got done! We need to go to the dentist, as well. :/ I don't look forward to that.

Jennifer said...

We haven't done the dentist thing... the thought it rather terrifying. Haha!
Man, what a full day ya'll had though!