Monday, April 15, 2013

Farm Credit Customer Appreciation Dinner

Friday night was the Customer Appreciation Dinner for our Limon Branch.
My Mom and Dad are customers, so they always bring the kids up to it.
Everyone enjoys getting to see the kids and the kids of course enjoy going somewhere!
I think the Little Lady about drove Gaga crazy Friday leading up to it.
"I need to get pretty to go to Mama's work dinner."
"I don't need to go potty, I'll go when I get to Mama's work dinner."
"I don't want to take a nap, I want to go to Mama's work dinner."
Miss Sara and Gunner
Future Double Trouble -- Ryder and Gunner
I've already told Baby Ryder that Gunner is counting on him to help him with his big sister!
Tressie and Kelsi
The Little Buckaroo refused to go to sleep the whole time we were there, but he continued to be his happy self and didn't get grumpy.
The Little Lady and her favorite big kids!
Tressie and the Harr girls


Nicole said...

Cute stuff! I love all the kids western wear. It's so cute to see them all decked out in their cowboy/girl gear :) Looks like a fun evening and nice your kids can enjoy "mom's work dinner"!

Jennifer said...

Aw, Gunner looks adorable! As does Tressie!