Tuesday, April 16, 2013

KK's Birthday Party

One of the Little Lady's best little pals KK {Kaleb Knutson} turned three over the weekend.
Party time!
We headed north to Sterling to spend Saturday celebrating KK.
They're best little friends : )
The Little Buckaroo and John Wayne just chillin'.

We had a talk on the way up about how this was KK's party, she had already had hers, so she needed to just sit back and watch him open his presents.
Yeh...obviously that didn't really stick.

The kids had a big time playing with KK's new toys!

It was a great day with great friends!


Jennifer said...

Look at the little lady rockin' her mocs!!! Love em'!

Anne Duncan said...

More evidence that Brooklyn and Tressie could be bff's...and hug all day long.