Thursday, April 25, 2013

GW's Room

Originally, the Littles were going to share a room.
As it got closer to time to move GW out of his bassinet, I decided I didn't exactly feel comfortable with this plan.
Not that the Little Lady would intentionally hurt the Little Buckaroo, but that she might try to cover him up or give him a big ol' stuffed animal.

Therefore...GW got his own room.
Well, kinda.
It's still half office/sewing room, but I think it'll work until we get the new casa built.

This is the quickest room that I've ever put together.
We moved the crib into the office on a Saturday afternoon and originally I wasn't really going to do any special decorating.
Well...that just didn't seem right.

So the next day I jumped on Etsy.
Decided the "woodland creatures" theme stuff was kinda cute.
Ordered the prints for above the crib and the bunting.

The next time I was at Hobby Lobby, I grabbed a few frames and some material to make a few pillows.
Made his name banner with scraps I had on hand.
And got some orange paint at Ace in Limon {which by the way looks way better in person}.

And with that, GW's new room was done.

{We've had it done for quite some time now, but I've never taken the time to hand stitch the pillows closed -- I still haven't, I just finally decided that you wouldn't be able to tell in a picture.  And now I'm telling you anyways!}


Lauren said...

Really cute! I have to tell you that this post made me breathe a sigh of relief...Comer is almost 6 months old and he is yet to have a nursery. In fact, he is sleeping in the crib for the 4th night tonight and has been in our room in a swing til now. We just moved Anne Margaret and decorated a big girl room for her, but the nursery is still all pink. We WILL do him a nursery, but it just hasnt been high on the to-do list. Next month, I will do it though!! I felt like a bad mom at first, but he will get one eventually...and til then, he can just sleep on pink sheets, right!? :)

Rachel said...

I love that! You are a very talented lady, making it looks so cute!

Marla said...

It looks so cute! I am the same way...I almost finish a project (like all you have left is to stitch up the bottom of the pillows)...and it just sits there. Forever. ha! And you're can't tell at all!

Amanda @ The Barstows: Our Little House on the {West Texas} Prairie said...

Oh my gosh, that is so cute! You make it sound so easy, decorating is definitely a talent and you've got it!