Friday, September 28, 2012

The Room

We do have three bedrooms here in the trailerhood, but I really didn't want to give up my office/craft, the kiddos get to share a room. It should only be for about a year, until we get our house built. So we'll try it and if it absolutely doesn't work out, we'll deal with that then.

Here's a look at what the Little Lady's room looked liked before we made it a room for two. And even before that, here's a look at the original nursery in our house in the big city.

We bought the Little Lady's toddler bed and transitioned her to it early this summer.  She was a rock star, it was a pretty painless transition.

{Side note...we've gotten a new cordless blind since I've taken these pictures...we NEVER left this blind down.}

The addition of this organizer/bins in the closet really helped solve the storage issue.  So far, I haven't felt short on space at all.


I also added a couple more baskets to the changing table.  They actually are pretty empty at this point, room to grow!

Here's a closer look at the vintage cowboy materials used.  My Grandma and I made everything for the Little Lady's original nursery.  We had made several quilts and lots of decorative pillows, so there was plenty for both the Little Lady's bed and the Little Buckaroo's crib.

I wanted the Little Lady's nursery to be unique and so I went with my favorite colors of red and turquoise.  They've worked out wonderfully for adding a little brother!

John Wayne spent countless hours sanding and painting this rocking chair and dresser for the Little Lady's room. They were both mine when I was little. 

I hope the Little Buckaroo doesn't mind having pictures of rodeo queens in his room : )
A couple of years ago, one of our close friends was Girl of the West, so we have autographed pictures of her, Miss Rodeo America and Miss Rodeo Colorado that the Little Lady got from them when she met them all at a rodeo.

I have darling bumper pads that my Grandma made and I used with the Little Lady until she started using them to try and climb out, then I switched to these simple breathable ones.  So far, I've been too lazy to get the matching ones back out and have just left these on there.


I'm really happy with how their room came together.  One of my favorite new additions are the name decals that I got off of Etsy.

Room ready...just add baby!


Jennifer said...

Its adorable! I love how you made it work for both of them!

Rachel said...

I love it, such a great way to work it our for them both! :)

Amanda Haney said...

I love this! Ive said before I loved the decals. Love! The colors worked perfect.

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