Monday, January 24, 2011

A blizzard, a barn and a cell phone

Today I traveled to Greeley for the Colorado Farm Show. As I was cruising down Highway 79 between Bennett and Prospect Valley, I passed a spot in the road where John Wayne and I once had an "incident." Good, bad, or otherwise, here's the story.

One Friday afternoon during John Wayne and I's college years in Fort Collins, we were headed home for the weekend. I don't remember if it was snowing when we left the Fort or not (it probably was, maybe our judgement wasn't so good back then), but by the time we turned south from Prospect Valley, we were in an all out white out. When we could no longer see the front of the car, literally, we decided we had to pull off and wait it out.

We didn't have to sit there too long before it let up enough that we could slowly get back on our way, but we did have to sit there long enough that I had a problem...I had to pee! BAD! Highway 79 is lined with farms, so I trudged to the front door of the nearest farm house and knocked on the door, of course with John Wayne by my side. No answer. There was only one answer to my problem...there was a big open face barn, I was desperate, that would work.

Once we finally made it to Wild Horse, John Wayne discovered he had a problem. His cell phone was missing. After retracing our steps in our minds, we came to the conclusion that the cell phone had fallen out of his pocket...when we were stopped during the the farmer's barn.

I chalked it up to a loss.
Oh no, not John Wayne, one of the most frugal men alive. He was going to atleast try to get this cell phone back.

The next day John Wayne proceeds to call Prospect Implement to find out who lives where we had stopped. Much to my humiliation, John Wayne makes the call and tells our story. Luckily he was dealing with a very nice (and good humored) farmer's wife. She said she'd go look for it, but from experience "those things don't hold up well in moisture," her husband had apparently lost several in the irrigation ditch.

Well, she never did find the cell phone, but boy did she have a good story to tell at church on Sunday!

Moral of the story...I'm not sure, but hope you got a good laugh!

I made it to Greeley without any blizzard, barn or cell phone incidents today and got the booth all set up and ready for the show tomorrow.

I hope the forecast for tomorrow evening's drive home is dry! : )

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Penny Pfeiff said...

I love it! I got a good laugh but I know there is a moral in there somewhere! Maybe at least STOP IN HUDSON:)