Thursday, January 13, 2011


If I took a day off work for something, it’s probably blog worthy, right? (Not that I wouldn’t love to take a day off, just to take a day…)

Anyways…yesterday John Wayne and I sold our calves in La Junta.

I could’ve snapped all sorts of pictures and entertained you all as I took you step by step through our day. But, I could tell by the look on John Wayne’s face when I asked him, that he would be completely mortified if I whipped my camera out in the sale barn and started taking pictures.

So the day pretty much went like this…
(Minus pictures, but I did sneak this one of the Little Lady playing with our friend’s little boy…cuteness! Shane had her giggling!)

The guys went to my father-in-law’s and loaded the calves.
The guys drove to La Junta. John Wayne has a blow-out on his trailer. This puts John Wayne in an even more anxious mood then he is already in.
The guys get to La Junta and unload the calves. For a brief moment, John Wayne relaxes and breathes a sigh of relief before he starts getting anxious again about how they’ll sale.
After lunch, we find our seats in the sale barn and get settled in for what could be a very long day.
Not too long into the sale, I hear the auctioneer say John Wayne’s name. Thank you Don Honey, I think I could give you a hug…putting our calves at the beginning of the sale just gave my husband a year of his life back that he was otherwise going to worry away waiting for one little word…SOLD!

The calves sold well. Check in hand. Sigh of relief. And big smiles on our faces!

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