Sunday, January 16, 2011

More excitement then we needed for a Sunday morning

John Wayne and I are headed to the big city today for his company retreat/meetings.
My Dad was having baby goat and water issues this morning.
None of us went to church.

John Wayne went down to feed the dogs. I was busy trying to get ready and the Little Lady was being needy. Irritated that it was taking John Wayne way too long to feed the dogs, I stepped out on our porch and started hollering at him.

I then realize he's standing outside of the old house that we all use for storage with a hose.
And smoke is billowing out the top of the old house.

"The old house is on fire," he yells at me. "Get your Mom and Dad."
"Really, are you serious?!?" was my smart reply. (Some people's reactions quicken during emergencies, apparently mine don't.)

Mom and Dad were cleaning out the goat barn, so I put my strong lungs and loud voice to use...they were up to help John Wayne in no time. They were able to get the fire stopped before we lost too much, a few things burned and we lost some stuff to smoke and water damage.

Mom did lose her spare refrigerator. She was pretty disappointed about that, it came in handy for brandings and such when lots of cooking was in order.

You can tell by the melted handles on the fridge, it got pretty darn hot!

Part of the floor burned and I was nervous the whole time they were fighting it that it was going to give way.

Thankfully we were all at home and able to get it stopped. It could've been A LOT worse.

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