Friday, January 28, 2011

Conveniences...are they missed???

In August, right after I found out that we’d finally be moving back to the ranch soon, I wrote a blog about how fond I had grown of the city conveniences. I listed the nine things that I thought I’d miss the most…almost six months later, let’s check in and see how I’m doing.

1) Ice cream run.
The Schwans man and I have become all too good of friends. Over the holidays they had this turtle cheesecake ice cream…ahhh, I am drooling on my keyboard. Mrs. Schwans (or whoever came up with the idea of delivering ice cream to rural areas in a refrigerated truck) is pure genius in my book!

2) Go to Target just because.
Yeh, this one is the one I miss the most (I told you it would be). Alco is good, but not quite (let’s be real…nowhere near) Target good. Target, I love you and miss you.

3) Pizza delivery.
There’s a new pizza delivery boy in town…every Friday night John Wayne and I take Pizza Hut home for dinner with my parents. (Wow, they get paid well for watching my rowdy child all week…a cold pizza every Friday night!) So yeh, after the 50 minute car ride, you reheat or eat cold, but it’s still pretty good.

4) Rent a movie at Blockbuster.
Haven’t missed this one a bit; in fact, we’ve been so busy we haven’t even signed up for Netflix yet. Today on my lunch break I did venture over to Alco to buy Secretariat. I’ve been jonesing for a trip to the movie theater, but since I don’t see that happening anytime in the near future, I decided I could spend $20 bucks on a DVD.

5) Get pastries from Altitude Sweets.
Darlene’s Delights in Limon makes fabulous donuts! And the Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls have become a new Sunday morning favorite for us.

6) Starbucks drive through on my way to work.
Thank you Dunkin Donuts for making the best ground coffee ever! Each morning I’m armed with my Farm Credit travel mug and ready to face the day.

7) Late night Taco Bell run.
I don’t care that their beef isn’t enough beef to be called beef (I can’t believe I just said that), but it tastes good!!! I miss Taco Bell almost as much as I miss Target.

8) Hobby Lobby.
It hasn’t been too much of a problem...until now, right in the middle of planning the Little Lady’s birthday party and I need ribbon and paper and glue and Hobby Lobby stuff!

9) Chick Fil A for lunch.
Yeh, this one’s pretty big. Anytime I’m traveling for work or in the city for any other reason, I always search out the nearest Chick Fil A. (Did you know that Greeley doesn’t have a Chick Fil A?!? I found this out earlier this week when I was in town for the Farm Show. I always knew I didn’t really like Greeley…)

And this was the dumbest statement I’ve ever made: Hmmm...I think I see a strong theme here...maybe this move will make me skinnier?!?


tigger said...

bahahahahaha!!! Totally understand. But, honestly, after growing up on a farm, even Limon is to big. lol

Really enjoying reading your blog!

tigger said...

OH,I wasn't thinking, above comment posted by Diana from Gordon's. :)