Saturday, January 8, 2011


John Wayne and crew are preg-checking our cows at my father-in-law's today.
This equals "honey, we'll need lunch."
That's easy enough...stew in the crock-pot and a pan of corn bread.

Stew is a great easy, transportable meal for occasions like today.

Cut up enough potatoes, carrots and onions to feed an army.
Brown several pounds of stew meat.
Throw it all together in the crock-pot and mix it with a couple of cans of tomato soup, some water and a generous dash of salt and pepper.

I mixed the stew up last night and put it in the refrigerator, but afraid that it might not have enough time to cook and the guys would be eating crunchy potatoes and carrots, I set my alarm for 3AM to get up and turn the stew on.

This morning, I get the meal all packed up and as best transportable as I can and start packing it out to the pick-up for John Wayne. On the second trip, John Wayne meets me half way, grabs the insulated crock-pot carrier from me, failing to keep it level and juice starts pouring out of the bag.

I will be buying one of these...
with a locking lid.

Oh well, hopefully too much juice didn't escape...
and John Wayne remembers to take the crock-pot in and plug it back in immediately...
and my time spent in the kitchen at 3AM...
equals perfectly cooked potatoes and carrots for the guys.

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