Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fire in February?

Last night was a crazy night.
There was tons of lightning all across the plains. (Storms like this are usually a summer thing around here).
Mom, the Little Lady and I had put a full day in in the big city. We were headed home around 6:30PM and saw five fires between Ellicott and Punkin Center. One of them was so close to John Wayne's brother's house, that from the highway I began to panic sure that their house was on fire. Thank goodness it wasn't, the fire was just a few miles north of them.

Once we began seeing all of these fires, I called John Wayne and asked him if the lightning had reached Wild Horse yet. It had not, but I told him what we were witnessing, so to be on watch.

Shortly after we got home, the lightning started. John Wayne must have had a bad feeling, he went and changed out of his gym shorts into jeans. Not five minutes later, he spotted a fire south of house.

John Wayne and my Dad jumped into the pick-up and headed to the fire. By this time there were two fires, the one to the south and one to the north. Thankfully, before the fires had a chance to do too much damage, the rain followed and put the fires out.

Grass fires in February...this just isn't normal!

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