Monday, February 28, 2011

March 1, 2010

This day is as crystal clear in my memory as if it happened just yesterday. I had a 10AM appointment with Dr. Lalonde and after a weekend of feeling pretty yucky: blood pressure issues, gall bladder issues, nausea, I knew that he’d be inducing me and even though all along I wanted to hold out as long as possible (partly because I had my maternity leave all worked out in my head according to my due date (rookie!) and I was admittedly nervous about being induced) I was finally ready.

I told Justin not to go to work to come to my appointment with me because today was the day. My Mom and Dad already had plans to be in the Springs for another appointment. Dr. Lalonde was the doctor on call that night at the hospital. All of the stars were aligning; we were going to get to meet our baby girl soon!

As expected, Dr. Lalonde told us to go have a good lunch and be back at the hospital at 12:30PM. We went home and settled Lucy and Lacy in and after lunch with my parents, we went to the hospital and we waited. I was admitted and shown to my room where I unpacked and methodically set up for “battle.” In my carefully packed bag I had EVERYTHING that any magazine, online article or friend had ever suggested. As it turned out, I really wouldn’t have time or the need for all the fun and games I had packed.

At 2:30PM, a nurse started me on Pictocin. Shortly thereafter, informed me she was stopping it because I was having good contractions on my own (my Mom had already figured this out from the monitors). I didn’t even realize I was having contractions, that’s a good thing! I saw Dr. Lalonde at 5:00PM, he broke my water (I instantly went from not feeling anything to feeling everything, threw-up and requested my epidural). Dr. Lalonde said we were probably looking at a 2 or 3AM delivery.

My team (Mom and Dad, Katie and Will) left to get some dinner. I made the team captain say with me : ) My nurse checked me at 7 or 7:30PM and I was at 9 cm. Wahoo, everyone was so pleasantly surprised! At 9:29PM, Miss Tressie Laine made her debut. My team got back from dinner just in time to meet the Little Lady. We have been in love and in awe over her from the second we laid eyes on her.

{And second best thing about March 1, 2010…as soon as the Little Lady made her appearance, nine months of nausea came to an end!}

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