Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Little Lady's Latest

Almost two months ago, the Little Lady turned 10-months-old.
I did not do a 10 month post.

Almost one month ago, the Little Lady turned 11-months-old.
I did not do an 11 month post.

So guess what that means, in one week the Little Lady will turn 1-year-old!

So a quick recap of the past two months:

She is growing like crazy. Often, people comment on how big she is for her age. I’m not sure if she’s really that big for her age, but I think she has caught up to at least middle of the pack from the peanut she was at birth!

Jibber jabbers nonstop. Whether she’s talking to you or is in the other room by herself, she is talking. She often uses her loud voice (she is part Hammer after all), but it totally cracks me up when she whispers. Still not a whole lot of words besides Mama and Dada, sometimes we can get her to mimic us. This morning she was working on mastering “bop” (her pacifier).

Speaking of the bop, it is still an important part of her life, probably her most valued possession. :) She’d be happy to show you all the tricks she can do with it. You should see her when she gets a hold of two of them, double fisting it.

Not quite walking yet. She will stand on her own for a few seconds, almost takes that step…and then thinks better of it. It won’t be long; until then, she’ll continue to be the fastest crawler this side of the Mississippi.

We have a climber on our hands. She attempts to crawl to the top of everything, even the impossible, it doesn’t matter that something is 6 feet tall; she believes she can conquer it!

Still totally social. Many times she would prefer to be held by a new friend that she’s meeting for the very first time, rather than boring old Mama or Grandma. She often sticks her arms out and asks to be held by people that she’s meeting for the very first time, and squeals when we take her back.

I mentioned that she’s growing like crazy and that’s because she’s a great eater! She still drinks a bottle when she wakes up in the morning and when she goes to bed at night, usually with one or two more throughout the day. She’ll put away a couple of containers of baby food faster than a teenage boy can down a pizza, but her real desire is “real” food. She always asks for bites of whatever we’re eating and we’re working toward more and more of that and less and less baby food. She had her very first Taco Bell soft taco on Saturday and loved it. Yes, I realize some of you may not consider this real food, but in our house, Taco Bell is the sixth food group.

There you have it, all of the Little Lady’s latest!

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