Monday, February 28, 2011

Goals Update

It seems like just yesterday I was reporting on my January progress, and while February is a short month, I cannot believe just how fast it has gone!

Drink more water.
I am drinking so much water I’m floating! OK, not really and I’m only drinking so much water while I’m at work – thanks in part to my fun new cup, the straw makes it easier. When I’m at home I’m still reaching for everything but water. I’ll drink water when I have bottled water on hand, silly I know, but the bottled water is a waste of money (budget…). So new approach, when I’m at home, in the morning I’ll fill my camelback with water and focus on drinking several of those throughout the day.

Stick to a budget.
Still kicking this one in the butt! This month I got my bonus, ALL of it went straight to savings and I also got a raise. While I was tempted to have a little more spending money each month, John Wayne reminded me that I had planned my budget on my previous earnings, so I knew I could live off of that, so I could put my increase in pay into my savings account. Done. I’m beginning to realize that little things like this are how people actually save money.

Oh and this is a big one…I had the opportunity to purchase two George Strait/Reba concert tickets from a friend. I discussed it with John Wayne and he left the decision in my hands. I passed on the tickets. It was going to be several hundred dollars and while I do love George and Reba, this decision helped me prove not only to John Wayne, but myself, how serious I am about this saving money thing.

Read atleast one book each month.
I finally gave up on Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It’s still on my nightstand and the Little Lady seems to have a thing for chewing on it, I guess it’s all yours T. I started the Hunger Games after being highly recommended from my friend Lori. It’s good and it’s an easy read, but I’m not just so captivated by it that I can’t put it down. I haven’t been reading at all lately on the drive to work, and our lunch crowd at work has recently grown, so I now spend my lunch hour socializing instead of reading…that really doesn’t leave me much other time for reading. So we’ll see, if I’m going to get 12 books read this year, I have a little catching up to do, all ready!

Keep my pictures organized.
Still not much going on in this department. I am anxious to tackle this project, so once I have some time, it will happen! I recently discovered Picnik, Google’s photo editing software, and it’s so much fun!

Start sewing again.
Again, the whole time issue…I need more of it! My Mom’s bag is still my number one project and I WILL have this done for her by Mother’s Day. I may dust off the machine this week for a quick project for the Little Lady’s birthday party. On several blogs, I’ve seen this adorable “ruffled crepe paper,” I’d love to get some made for Saturday’s party, but we’ll see…crepe paper is fragile material, so the whole idea of sewing it, is a little daunting to me!

There has been good improvement in the exercise department. I’m still not exercising as consistently as I’d like to be, sleepy girl still occasionally wins out when my alarm goes off at 5AM. But man, I love how I feel all day long on the days when I do drag myself out of bed to exercise. I try to remind myself of this at 5:05AM when sleepy girl and fit girl are battling it out.

The “d” word.”

This month I wanted to focus on cutting portion size. I’ve done pretty well with that. But there was this holiday in the middle of the month and I went on a baking spree and therefore we had sweets in the house for over a week. Not good. So I’ve managed to skim another couple of pounds off this month, but warm weather is coming, which means no more hiding under sweaters…

We’ll see if in the month of March I can’t do something in the picture and sewing departments!

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