Monday, February 28, 2011

It's better that way...

Lop-sided, that is!

Tomorrow is the Little Lady's 1st birthday!!!

We're celebrating it on Saturday with her big monster bash, but of course we have to celebrate it tomorrow too.

I made her a cake tonight.

After seeing the results I had to laugh at myself for one thing I considered for the briefest of moments when planning her party...
ME making the cake!!!

I am a cake decorating drop-out you know.
(My second year of 4-H cake decorating, I made it half way through my first cake... more tears and screaming took place in that half hour then during the best soap opera break-up. My Mom then decided it would be a good idea if I go ahead and drop that project.)
Needless to say, Target will be handling the cake on Saturday. Mom and I will be busy making several dozen cupcakes though, but that will be just Mom is the cupcake wizard after all.

You know I am against store bought frosting, but...there is one exception...

I'm guessing the Little Lady (and John Wayne who the cake is currently hiding from) won't care what it looks like!


Penny Pfeiff said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TRESSIE! Can't wait to see pics!!

Rachel said...

Aww - happy birthday to your sweetie! Love the cake!