Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - A Year In Review

~ I was promoted to Assistant Vice President - Marketing
~ I spent a lot of time on the road attending trade shows and conventions for work
~ We found out that we were expecting
~ Lucy and Lacy ran away from home...and returned
~ The Little Lady turned two

~We announced that we were expecting
~ The Little Lady got a pony
~ We found out that Baby G was a boy
~ Branding season
~ I turned 30, we celebrated by taking the Little Lady to the waterpark

~ John Wayne and I celebrated our 10-year-anniversary
~ We prepared for the arrival of Baby Gunner
~ Gunner William Golding made his appearance October 10th
~ Family pictures
~ Thanksgiving
~ Santa visit
~ A wonderful Christmas season
We were blessed over and over again in 2012, it truly was one of the best years so far.
Wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2013!


Kelly said...

I still love your April announcement best of all :) Happy New Year!!!

Anne Duncan said...

Is it weird that I still can't believe you guys have been married 10 years?!?

Suzi @ chores and chandeliers said...

I love all your clothes, boots, jewelry, accessories, and your red hair :)

I think you should post where you shop!