Monday, December 10, 2012

The Little Buckaroo {{Two-Months-Old}}

Our Little Buckaroo is two-months-old.

He is such a good, sweet baby.

He continues to only cry when he's hungry. 
Seriously, that's usually the only time he cries.
Thank you Jesus!

He still really likes to eat and is beginning to outgrow, for sure his 0-3 month stuff, and even some of his 3 month stuff is getting snug.

This past month he rolled over, and slept through the night a couple of times {about 6 hours, we'll qualify that as sleeping through the night}.


Love these sweet smiles.



Car seat comparison:
1-day-old  ::  1-month-old  ::  2-months-old


Melodee said...

holy cow he is sooooo cute! I love the idea with the little chalkboard, too!

Marla said...

Sweet baby boy! Sounds like a good little baby only crying when hungry and sleeps for 6 hrs at the night. He's a keeper! :)