Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ready, Set, Christmas!

Here is the first of several posts documenting our long Christmas weekend.

Saturday, we had two celebrations in Colorado Springs.

At noon, we went to my Great Aunt and Uncle's house to celebrate with extended family.
I didn't get as many pictures as I should have.

Here's my Grandma holding Gunner, which she pretty much did all day.
"I'd rather hold him, than eat."
Those exact words came out of her mouth...remember this, it'll be funny in a minute.

The Little Lady loves playing with my little cousins...her big cousins!  Here she is with my cousin Kendra.

And the highlight of the Little Lady's day...playing with her second {or third or something like that???} cousin Jayden. Jayden lives in Kansas City, so we don't get to see her very often, but when we do, the Little Lady always loves playing with her.

That evening, we celebrated with John Wayne's family at his Grandma's house.
This was the first time that big cousin Sydney had seen the Little Buckaroo.
The Littles with Gigi.
Big cousin Tyler was home from West Point.
It sure was good to see him!
The Little Lady has a BLAST playing with John Wayne's cousin's kids.
His Grandma's house turns into one wild place when all of these guys are there.
At one point, one of the little bit older cousins came and told the adults that Tressie and one of the cousins about Tressie's age, were mixing different types of pop together and drinking it.
That's ok, we responded.  {You know, with it being Christmas and all.}
Well, a few minutes later, the other little cousin's Dad went to check on them...
"We have a big mess in here!"
Apparently, Tressie's not the best bartender and she had cups of pop overflowing and was then squeezing a Capri Sun into the cup too.
Yep, we're good parents like that, me and John Wayne.
So anyways, yes, it turns wild and the kids have fun!
John Wayne's Grandma holding Gunner, which she pretty much did all night.
"I'd rather hold him, than eat."
Those exact words came out of her mouth...see, I told you it'd be funny.
It was a great start to our long Christmas weekend!

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