Friday, December 28, 2012

Our Little Christmas

We had a nice evening at home on Christmas Eve. 
It was nice to have a relaxing moment in the middle of our holiday madness.
I made green chili {my Christmas Eve tradition} and my Mom and Dad came up for dinner.
They brought the kids one present to open...these adorable little Christmas horses.
Our tradition is the kids get to open one present from us on Christmas Eve: new pajamas, an ornament and a book.  We also let them open their presents from our friends the Knutson's.
I said one present, but this year they actually got to open two. 
They got to open the "cowboy toy" that their Daddy got them, so that they could play with it.
Who likes it more...John Wayne or the Little Lady?!?
We got them all cozy in their new jammies and then it was time to put cookies and milk out for Santa.
When we decorated cookies a couple of weeks ago, the Little Lady picked our her favorites and we put them in the freezer to save for Santa.
When I was pouring Santa's milk, the Little Lady said, "oh, chocolate milk" so we made Santa chocolate milk.
It was then bedtime and time to read their new book -- Charlie and the Christmas Kitty by the Pioneer Woman.
Once they were tucked into bed and fast asleep, Santa came!
Christmas morning, we woke up to snow.
A white Christmas...what a fun treat!
The Little Lady got her "Manny books" from Santa! 
She also got an easel, that she thinks is pretty cool.
The Little Buckaroo got a John Deere toy and books.
The Little Lady liked her presents, but she was most excited that "Santa ate my cookies!"
The magic of Christmas with kids!


Jennifer said...

So sweet! Love their pj's!! Christmas is so much fun with kids!

Michele said...

They are too cute! Their PJs are adorable. I like all of your traditions on Christmas eve. Such sweet memories. Christmas with children really is magical!