Monday, November 1, 2010

The Big Eight

Tressie is 8-months-old today! The other day on one of my friend's blogs, she told seven things about her little girl in honor of her 7-month birthday, what a cute idea! So here are eight things about T:

1. She now has two teeth. Well, not full blown teeth, but her bottom two have broke through.

2. She is getting a little more "fuzz" on top, but still not much hair to speak of. It's still very hard to tell what color it's going to be, some days it looks dark, some days light, you can usually always see a touch of red in the sunlight.

3. She is wearing anywhere from size 6-month to 9-month clothes. Although I have recently bought some 9-month stuff that is almost too small. I am anxious for our 9-month check-up with Dr. Hoover next month to see how much she's grown!

4. T is very social. Loves everyone and loves to be in the spotlight, she's quite the little flirt. She eats it up when we're out shopping and strangers stop to talk to her, and for all of us she sees everyday, she's quite the ham!

5. She LOVES ice cream! I'm talking LOVE LOVE LOVES ice cream. Last night Grandma was sharing her ice cream with T and if Grandma didn't give her a bite every time she took a bite, she growled at her. Yes, literally growled. Oh, and when it was gone...yes, there were tears.

6. Her latest trick is waving. She's pretty much mastered it and when we leave Grandpa and Grandma's, she usually has a wave for them.

7. Dada and Mama and a whole lot of jibber jabber make up her vocabulary. On that note, her least favorite word is NO, and unfortunately she is already hearing plenty of it!

8. Her new goal in life: walking. She stands at the edge of the couch, looking at the edge of the chair and you can see it all over her face, "I could so walk over there." We have a balance issue that we need to resolve before we take on walking. She has crawling down pat, chasing Lucy and Lacy through the house, making it into the other room before you know she's gone, etc...

Happy 8-month birthday Tressie!

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