Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ranch Wives Cooking Club - Green Chili

OK, you may remember me telling you awhile back about John Wayne and I's love of green chili, really it probably makes both of our top three favorite foods list. You'll also probably remember the bushel of green chilies I brought home.

I decided today was the day to tackle mastering the art of green chili. I began asking around, asking people's recipes and methods, and quickly realized that it's an art, not a recipe. No two people have the same method and what you put into your green chili is largely based on personal preference.

I started by dicing and browning a two pound pork roast.

I then added chicken broth (along with a few chicken bouillons for extra flavor) and set aside to simmer while I prepared the chilies.

Since I had just stuck the chilies in the freezer when I brought them home, I had to spend a few minutes taking the skin off and seeds out.

I then diced the chilies, an onion and a couple of potatoes. This is where the personal preference really comes in. Some of you may being thinking "potatoes???", but John Wayne specifically requested them. Many people add cilantro, cumin and tomatoes, just to name a few other ingredients.

I sauteed the chilies, onion, potatos, and garlic in olive oil for around 45 minutes.

I then added the chilie mixture to the pork mixture and it's still on the stove simmering.

Well, except for one bowl of it...John Wayne is still out checking cows and I just couldn't wait any longer!
It is fabulous!!! It is exactly to John Wayne and I's taste and I couldn't be happier with how my first attempt turned out.
Oh yeh, and it is HOT...this must've been one hot bushel!

Thanks to all of you who kindly shared your methods with me.

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