Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A bushel of chiles

Today I went to Fort Collins for work. On the way home I spotted a road side chile stand. I was pretty excited because I was beginning to think that I was probably going to miss the fresh season this year.

My co-worker and I joked with each other that if the guy spoke good English and we could understand him, we should probably move on because the chiles weren't authentic or hot. Well, if our criteria is any good, we got some good hot, authentic chiles.

When I got my bag of chiles home, John Wayne helped me get them into bags and into the freezer. My Mom has done chiles like this before, and it's worked just fine: freezing them without peeling them or seeding them. I was in no mood to peel and seed a whole bushel of chiles tonight, so decided to go that route. I'll deal with them and do the work bag by bag.

John Wayne and I LOVE green chili. I got a friend's "method" for green chili and am anxious to try it out soon. If any of you have any good recipes using green chiles, please share.

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