Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ahhh, look at the little pumpkin...

...she's so adorable!
I think we heard that phrase 67 times today!

Mama and Grandma drug me on another one of their marathon shopping trips today. Mama was going to make me wear my Halloween costume...thank you Grandma for saving me from that one. So instead I wore my super cute jack-o-lantern shirt and coordinating hair bow (would you expect anything less?!?), with my brand new stylin' jeggings ("jean leggings" for those of you not up on your fashion vocab) and my skull and cross bone booties...remember those?

Yep, I looked cute.
67 people told me so.

Hanging out with my "Wocket" that Grandma bought me.
I seem to get a new toy from Grandma every time we go shopping!
(When a little lady is very good for 13 hours of shopping and driving, I'd say she atleast deserves a Wocket...would you not agree?)

We met the fam for lunch at Fargos.
Great Grandpa and Grandma Chisman, Aunt Sheryl and Uncle Randy, Kendra, Kelsey and Randy and Great Aunt Bonnie.

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