Friday, October 8, 2010

The flu

Yes, I am still sick.
I've thrown up for the past six days, yes SIX days.
My Mama has had several in depth conversations with my RNs and they really believe it's just a really bad flu bug that I'm hanging on to. (Mom might not be so accepting of this explanation if Daddy and Grandpa hadn't both decided to join me).
So we're just on the look out for signs of dehydration and hoping that today is the day the flu will go away! I'm tired of puking and Mama, Daddy and Grandma are tired of being puked on.

This week I've decided that the best way to fall asleep is hanging out in Mom and Dad's bed watching Good Luck Charlie on the Disney Channel. Mama says I can do whatever I want because I've been such a good little lady through this all.

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