Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trailerhood Tour Part 5 - Kitchen

Welcome to the kitchen. I'm pretty sure I've said this about every room (that's a good thing), but I must say, I do LOVE how it turned out!

I had originally planned on painting it a shade of brown, but at the last minute I decided color was good and boy am I glad I did! Couldn't love the shade of turquoise I went with more! (*Note...when I say "planned on painting..." I mean having my Mom paint. She was a saint and painted the entire house for us before we moved in. Thank you Mom!)

Found the PERFECT rugs at Kohls. I was pretty excited...I think I did a little kick your heels up sort of jig right there in the rug aisle! Well, they are deserving of that, are they not?

This material is what absolutely makes the room though. Hands down, with out a doubt, it ties it all together.

Oh but wait...this material made into this table runner, THIS is the best part of the room. Thank you Grandma!

(Right now you're wishing you had my Mom and Grandma, aren't you?)

A few well placed turquoise and red accents and a couple of metal stars to finish it off.

My kitchen is always open, stop by anytime and I'll come up with something for you!

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Lori Hollis said...

Yes, I am secretly wishing I had your mom and grandma to paint my house and make me all of those wonderful things!!