Friday, October 8, 2010


What you say?
Yes. Japanese bread crumbs.

I don't know, I might get kicked out of the ranch wives cooking club (if there was such a thing) for using Japanese bread crumbs to fry my pork chops, but give them a try, and you just might go panko too. They are so stinkin' good!

The link above says they are sold in Asian markets...they are also sold at your local King Soopers.

Give 'em a try. We don't have to tell anyone, you can be a closet Japanese bread crumb user. But everyone will want to know how you got it so crispy!

P.S. John Wayne helped make the gravy. That's one thing I'm still working on perfecting. I figure that's probably the first task on the test to become a member of the ranch wives cooking club (again, if there was such a thing).

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