Sunday, October 3, 2010

John Wayne in Pride vs. Common Sense

John Wayne made a decision this weekend in which his pride overruled his common sense. His explanation was "it just never came up in conversation."

Mom, Tressie and I were out of town all weekend. Dad and Justin were moving cows Saturday morning. Mom and I had given them both a lecture that morning on the dangers of moving cows on the opening day of antelope season. Well, no one got shot, but Justin and Moe did take a nasty fall. Apparently Justin and Moe were over the hill and Moe lost his footing, falling with Justin. After shaking the cobwebs from his head and looking Moe over very closely, Justin decides they're both fine and goes about his day...not telling anyone.

Now I grew up on the ranch, things happen. I'm not so freaked out about the fall, everyone is fine, but I am a little mad at John Wayne for not telling anyone. I had to discover it for myself tonight when he went to pick Tressie up and winced in pain.

I think when I was through with John Wayne, he had learned his lesson.

By the way, John Wayne says this is not blog material.
John Wayne, when you live with a blogger, everything is free game.

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