Saturday, October 30, 2010

Funky design your own necklaces

Today, Kate and I (and of course the Little Lady too) went shopping. When Kate and I go shopping, we don't just head to the local mall. When we pulled out of Katie's yard this morning, we didn't really have a set plan. We knew we wanted to make a stop at one of the Rustic Ranch Relics stores and so we ended up at the Shops at Rustic Ranch. A true little diamond in the rough. This place was old farm house with 20 little speciality shops inside.

Find of the day - design your own necklaces.

They were funky and turquoise, so we were immediately drawn to them and knew we had to have one!

Here's mine...a "G" for Golding (although John Wayne thinks it looks like his initials...whatever, I still think it's just a G) a longhorn and a star and of course turquoise. (Is it legal to wear jewelry that isn't turquoise or atleast include some turquoise somewhere on it?)


Ellen said...

Very cool, Emily? Where is this place?

Emily Golding said...

There are three Rustic Ranch Relic locations in Denver: Northfield at Stapleton, Flatirons and then the one in the old farmhouse (Shops at Rustic Ranch.) The Shops at Rustic Ranch is located in Broomfield - 36 to Church Ranch Road to Wadsworth, great little place. I think my favorite Rustic Ranch Relic store is the one at Northfield at Stapleton. I was going to tell you you should be sure to check it out, but you have NFR coming up in a month - a world of fabulous shopping awaits you!!!