Tuesday, November 30, 2010

That's a lot of Scotch tape!

The other night I told you that John Wayne was busy wrapping Christmas presents.

Fifty-one to be exact!

He has all of them wrapped that I have bought. I just have a few more to buy.

We have a system...we pop in the Christmas movies, I get the presents boxed up, he wraps away and then I put the ribbons and name tags on. This present-wrapathon always takes place the day or two following Black Friday.

Two years ago John Wayne and I determined that we are wrapping paper snobs. Yes, wrapping paper snobs. After spending a Saturday night driving all across the big city going from store to store (this is when we lived in the big city, didn't have the Little Lady and had nothing better to do with our time) evaluating the wrapping paper selections and none of them making the cut (haha, making the cut, get it...) we came to this conclusion. But we're OK with it, because our presents always look the best. : )

While of course it does have to look good, the main quality John Wayne looks for in wrapping paper is the quality. Hobby Lobby wins...best quality and best prints...makes us both happy!

Bet you never imagined John Wayne sitting cross legged on the living room floor watching Christmas with the Kranks, meticulously wrapping Christmas presents!

P.S. Our Christmas tree is up, but you'll notice that all of the presents are stacked up on my craft table...and that's exactly where they're going to stay.
Two words....Little. Lady.

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Ellen said...

Very impressive that your presents are already wrapped!