Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Santa Baby

Happy 9 month birthday Little Santa Baby!

Look at this absolutley adorable Santa dress that Ellen gave to Tressie.
Love it!

Kim gave her the adorable matching booties.
Love them!

Her Farm Credit aunties sure do spoil her!

As you can see, the Little Lady is all about "walking" along the edge of furniture now.

Her bottom two teeth are all the way through and all signs are pointing to the top two breaking through any day now.

We sure are excited for the holidays this year with our little doll baby!

Grandma bought her this little and turquoise...matches her room perfectly!

Yes, it's on top of the bookcase...out of reach!

Looks like someone is campaigning for Santa!

Since she wasn't particularly fond of wearing the Santa hat, we'll let her pony wear it!

1 comment:

Brenda Hammer said...

Grandma says that you are the cutest Santa Baby ever!!!