Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pretty much the best gift ever...

So yesterday my family spoiled me lots of great gifts: clothes, jewelry, a Kitchen Aid mixer.


The one that wins the prize...

Yes, really...a Saved By The Bell DVD.

Rewind to the early 90's. I LOVED Saved By The Bell.

I had a Saved By The Bell movie, "Saved By The Bell, Hawaiian Style" recorded on VHS. Watched it over and over and over. Well something happened to this video, it disappeared. My Dad probably "accidentally" recorded over it because he couldn't stand to watch it again. (Dad, now that I have it back, it's ok, you can tell me the truth. I will probably forgive you.) On several occasions (recent occasions) I have told my Mom how much I'd love to have it back. To watch it again. To experience my youth again.

I have searched for it on the Internet, this important part of my youth, with no luck.

Christmas 2010, Brenda wins! Brenda finds "Saved By the Bell, Hawaiian Style" and when Emily opens her stocking stuffers Christmas morning, Emily is ecstatic!

Thank you Mom for giving me back this important piece of my childhood. : )

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