Friday, December 3, 2010


I took today off work (yay!!!) and me and the Little Lady went with my Mom to the Christmas Bazaar in Kit Carson. My Mom has been very busy making a bunch of really cute Christmas crafts. I helped her just a tiny bit, but really it was all her.

The Christmas Bazaar is held each year on the night of the first home basketball game. It's a pretty big deal in the small town of Kit Carson!

Mom made some really cute stuff this year!
I love these Christmas trees made out of the candle stick lights.

My Dad gets the credit for these stars. We had asked him to cut some stars out of barn wood, but the wood was breaking and they weren't turning out the best, but he came of with this rustic replacement. This picture really doesn't do them justice...they were one of Mom's hot items.

But the most in-demand item...
Top seller...
People coming from miles around for it...
Mom's Cherry Mash Candy.
This stuff is just a little bit of Heaven here on Earth!

The Little Lady was a hit, decked out in her Christmas duds! She, as always, enjoyed visiting with all the people.

At one point in the afternoon, she was pretty darn cranky, but doing everything possible to stay awake...she did not want to miss a thing!
So Grandma gave me the brilliant idea to take her for a car ride...we weren't even around the block and she was snoozen'!

After her nap she was in a great mood and going full speed again!

Oh and I purchased my very first Kit Carson Wildcats t-shirt tonight.
We're official residents now.

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