Saturday, December 18, 2010

My First Christmas Presents

Auntie Katie and Uncle Willy came to visit today...yay!!!
Yay because they came to visit!!!
And yay because they brought presents!!!

Me and Auntie Katie admiring my "newsie hat" that Auntie Katie found on Etsy.

I wasn't in the posing mood, but it's like this hat...

Except mine is better because it's brown and tan, so it'll match everything!
(Hmmmm...everything??? Do you think Mama will let me wear it with my frilly red Christmas dress to church tomorrow?)

Pictures of ME in my new hat coming soon, but for the time get the picture.

I really love Auntie Katie and Uncle Willy lots. I was being a bear, but they walked in the door and I was all smiles the whole time they were here. They play with me lots!

Thanks Auntie Katie and Uncle Willy. I love you.

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