Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Movies

I've been laying around miserable on the couch for the past couple of days with some nasty cold/flu thing. Through my NyQuil induced comma, I've been watching a few of my favorite Christmas movies.

My top five...

#1 - White Christmas

Hands down, without a doubt, my favorite (and John Wayne's least favorite) Christmas movie. A couple of years ago, me and one of my best friends Annie went to see it at the Buell, so much fun!

#2 - Home Alone
A VERY close second. No Christmas is complete without an evening watching Home Alone and wrapping presents.
I still remember when I was little my Mom and Dad taking me to see this in the theater.

#3 - Christmas with the Kranks
I read and loved John Grisham's book first and really, they did a great job on this book turned movie!

#4 - While You Were Sleeping
I don't know if this technically falls into the Christmas movie category, but in my book it does. One of my all time favorite movies! My Mom, Dad and John Wayne all probably know the movie verbatim thanks to me and the 17 million times that I have watched it. A favorite all year long, but a must during the Christmas season!

#5 - Some version of A Christmas Carol
Probably my two favorites are the Jim Carrey version from last Christmas and the Muppet's version.

And finally, a movie that probably makes many people's top five list...
I simply cannot stand this movie...
And John Wayne loves it...
A Christmas Story

What are your favorite Christmas movies?


Janice said...

Emily, While You Were Sleeping is my absolutely all time favorite movie, Christmas or not. Katie and I can also quote it word for word. We spent many a late night watching it. When I go home for Christmas, we already have a date to watch it again. I especially love the dinner scene.

Mark said...

Mark and I watched While you Were Sleeping on our first date. I knew he was a keeper since we could BOTH quote lines from the moive!! It my favorite movie, Christmas or not! I also like the Jim Carey version of The Grinch.

Ellen said...

John Wayne is right about A Christmas Story, it's one of the best Christmas movies. It ranks right up there with White Christmas. I hope you're feeling better!

Sarah said...

My all time favorite is also White Christmas. However, I think you forgot a Christmas classic "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation". No Christmas is complete without viewing this one!

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